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Metal Powder For Polymer Shear-Filtration

Silica sand ,aluminum oxide, sintered porous filters,and wire meshes have long been used as filter medium for polymer shear-filtration by synthetic fiber industry.
Nowadays, in order to accommodate to higher spinning effciency and higher quality yarn , the irregularly shaped stainless steel powder has been adopted as filtering medium by synthetic fiber mills

About the Metal Sand/Powder :

1. Prolong service life of components so as to reduce production cost remarkably. The service life of metal sand as filter material is extended over 3 times than conventional filter materials such as glass bead,sea sand and silicon carbide.

2. Thanks to its high degree of profile ,large specific surface and strong impurities filter capability,the use of metal sand prolongs the service life of components,reduces use of auxiliary materials(strainer and washer,etc.)related to components,cleaning expenses of components and consumption of manpower as well as loss of capacity,etc.

3. Decrease the rate of broken filament and end breakage,the characteristic of irregular concave-convex acute angle in metal sand is far advantageous over conventional filter materials,such acute angle is very high in hardness and not easy to deform under 40Mpa pressure and can well puncture air bubbles in melt and obstruct foreign matters and coagulated particles so as to improve filter precision.

4. Stabilize pressure on components and the process of pressure rise is slow and stable to avoid fluctuation of production and unstable quality due to unstable pressure,and thus metal sand will not change its shape with changes of melt pressure and temperature.

5. Enhance homogeneity and spinnability of melt,stainless steel is a good conductor of heat and can guarantee homogeneity and consistence of temperature of high-temperature melt in sand bunker of components.

6. Stable chemical properties prevent adverse reaction with polyester melt.

7. Convenient use without need of cleaning and drying required for glass bead,sea sand and silicon carbide.We have conducted high-pressure cleaning process during production,so the delivered products are free of dust.


Elements C Cr Ni Mo Si Mn Fe
Qualified scope% 0.1-0.2 17-22 4-13 1-3 1.5-3 0.4-0.7 Basicingredient

Note:metal contents can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of customers.


Size micron(micron) Size mesh(mesh) Density(g/cm3)
1651-833 10-20 1.2-1.5
833-350 20-40 1.6-2.0
350-245 40-60 1.65-2.3
245-198 60-80 1.7-2.6
198-165 80-100 1.8-3.2


A. Testing method for packing density:

place an empty beaker in a certain size cm3 rest on platform,and the metal sand in corresponding size fall freely into the beaker at a place in distance of20cmfrom the opening of beaker.Stop falling of sand when the beaker is full of sand with a slight overflow,strike off along the opening of beaker with a flat ruler and weigh the sand,divide the weighed net grams by the volume of beaker is the packing density of this size.

B. The above packing density is only for reference,specific packing density for practical use should be determined according to the requirements of enterprises for production sizes and pressure on components.The established sized and corresponding packing densities by both parties should not be altered at discretion and be regarded as important indicators for inspection of incoming and outgoing goods by both parties.

C.In addition to common sizes,screening and matching can be performed as required by customers.


1. This metal sand has been strictly cleaned and screened during production without need of

cleaning and screening once more during application.

2. Before assembly sizes should be seen clearly and confirmed without error.

3. At the end of each application,please well bind internal bag for residual metal sand to avoid entry  of dust and impurities to affect normal use.

4. Several sizes can be used in layers,either one size can be used independently.For matching use of a few sizes,it would be the best to separate with corresponding single-layer stainless steel mesh between layers for better filter effect.The closer to the spinning head,the higher the meshes of sand (the thinner the sand).

5. In accordance with the requirements of productive technology,weigh metal sand and put into sand bunker,knock the case of sand bunker in all directions with copper rod to let sand increase density under vibration,and then compress the surface of metal sand in sand bunker with even end of stainless steel bar (which is approximate15cmlong and must be smooth and glossy)with diameter slightly less than that of sand bunker,and apply approximate10kgpressure clokwise or anticlockwise and rotate to level the surface of metal sand,afterwards place a dedicated sand pressing bar with smooth and glossy surface in diameter of1.5mmless than the inner diameter of sand bunker under the press to squeeze metal sand with a pressure of about 11Mpa to maximize its density.Nonhomogeneous densities and different sizes of dischargde filaments in the same sand bunker should be avoided.

6. During assembly of compinents the sand bunker must be filled with metal sand without void,which especially important for assembly of combination of a few sizes.

7. When the metal sand manufactured by our company is used,the speed of pressure rise of components is low and even the pressure does not rise for long time,this is a normal phenomenon;after the pressure rises up to the maximal technological pressure,please  replace compinents in time in case that minconforming products are manufactured.

8. This product is a one-off product and cannot be reused after the first use.

9. Since the service life of components is longer due to use of metal sand manufactured by our company,so enterprises using the metal sand should make follow-up records for components loaded in machine.For convinience of quality management,it would be the best to replace components up to the approved service cycle(because as of now it is impossible for chemical fiber enterprises to install pressure gauge at each position),and meanwhile regular silicon dressing of spinning plates should be conducted in order to ensure stable quality and normal continuity of production.
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